It’s official! From the Vancouver Canucks to ICUC


Time flies, doesn’t it? 

Four months ago, I made the jump from the Vancouver Canucks to ICUC, a global social media moderation company. 

I had been told that changing roles is never easy. New environments, new people and new projects can make for difficult transitions. 

That was certainly not the case here. From the moment I joined the team at ICUC, I felt incredibly welcome and empowered. The leadership here is incredible and the opportunity to grow as an individual is endless. 

I loved and valued my time with the Canucks and will greatly miss working in the sports industry - for anyone with goals to work in such an organization, I highly recommend spending time pursuing such dreams.

ICUC manages communities and moderation for some of the world’s largest brands. If you’re looking for a new position, check out our job opportunities here

GranFondo Whistler: Race Review

For the second time in three years, I hopped on my road bike and rode the Sea to Sky highway for 122KM of intense elevation and lengthy climbs. 

As you can tell by the elevation chart, Vancouver to Squamish was a breeze. Squamish to Whistler on the other hand? Whew.  

Pre-Event Communication 

Great emails, good communication. Very clear. 

Package Pick-up

Package pick-up was located at the Vancouver Convention Centre. With a relatively small Expo for the size of the event, everything ran smoothly and efficiently. We waited in line for approximately 5 minutes before getting our package. 


Having done this course in 2013, I was familiar with the twists and turns. The start line this year was changed, however. Beginning in Stanley Park instead of Georgia St., we rode through the park and up to the Lions Gate Bridge. This created a bottleneck at the start line that seemed unexpected. 

Once getting on the Lions Gate Bridge, the course was flawless. With one lane of the Sea to Sky dedicated to riders, there were no issues I saw while on the ride. This is one of the most well-organized, well-supported races I’ve ever participated in. 

Finish Line

The best! We finished right in Whistler Village, with a large parking lot dedicated to rider support. No better finish line than this. 

OVERALL: 9.8/10 (only reason was the bottle-neck at the start line).

Valley GranFondo: Race Review

Promising long stretches of rolling hills and just a few tough climbs, the 2014 Valley GranFondo was the perfect race for my first cycling event of the season. 


Selecting the MedioFondo length in preparation for the Whistler GranFondo in September, our route ventured throughout Fort Langley and Aldergrove for a grand total of 88KM. 

Below is a race review of this charity event. 

Pre-Event Communication 

Simple, easy. Just a few emails prior to the event. 

Package Pick-up

Yikes! Package pick-up was only available for six hours on Saturday, the day prior to the race. I had to make arrangements to pick-up my package on race day. More dates/times are certainly needed. 


The route promised rolling hills and a few climbs - and that it was. The course was well directed and the rest stops were great. There were three rest stops throughout the medio-course - I hopped off my bike at the second stop, fuelling on electrolytes. There were plenty of hydration and nutrition options available. 

With that said, there were many potholes on the course that were passed. Some cyclists were unlucky - I cycled by four ambulances in the 88KM stretch. It would have been great to see the city and race committee work together to remedy this. 

In addition, distances were not marked. This was the first race I took part in where I wasn’t exactly sure where I was - with no kilometre marks, it was a guess how fast I was going. 

Finish Line

The finish line is always a great sight to see. With a sharp left turn before ending the race, the finish was exciting for all participants. The best part? Red Racer sponsored a great beer garden. 

OVERALL: 7/10. 

Whistler Half Marathon: Race Review

I love destination races. Although the idea of waking up in your own bed on the morning of a race is appealing, there’s something about driving or flying to a new town or city to explore unfamiliar areas. 

Although I’ve spent the better part of my 20+ years in Whistler for weekend trips and get-aways, I’ve never hit the pavement for 21.1KM in this scenic resort town of British Columbia. 

Suffice to say, this course was far different from than of Abbotsford - and was possibly one of the most challenging courses I’ve faced. 

Pre-Event Communication 

+1 for communication. Plenty of information, including training and nutrition tips and tricks, was shared before the event. 

Package Pick-up

As I was arriving late in Whistler, I didn’t have an opportunity to pick-up my own race package. 


Honey, we’re not in Kansas anymore. 

This course was tough. With some pretty intense hills for the first 4 miles through residential areas, I realized that I should have focused much more on hill training. Though I gained speed and made up for lost time on the downhill portions, it seemed we were all challenged with those first few miles. 

Once we hit the flat stretches of the golf courses, it was clear sailing. The weather was perfect and there were cheer stations at every turn. Best part? The scenery. From the hills of residential areas to the beauty of running through two incredible courses, it was easy to become distracted. 

Only critique - I would have loved a few more aid stations on the course. It was a warm day!  

Finish Line

So fantastic. We finished right in the village, which made for great photos and plenty of crowds.  

OVERALL: 9.0/10. I would absolutely participate again. More aid stations, please!